Have you been experiencing any of the following issues?


  • Depression or anxiety

  • Relationship problems 

  • Unconscious sabotage or defense patterns

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Frequent illnesses or unexplained body symptoms

Wild Earth Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you. 

Working with the body and mind, Wild Earth Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you work through the very human conscious and unconscious feelings and behaviours related to: 

  • Chronic people-pleasing, over-working, or caught lifelong cycle of prioritising others’ needs.

  • Fear of rejection or abandonment, feeling there is something wrong with you, self esteem issues or imposter syndrome. 

  • Avoidant behaviours, commitment issues or a pattern of relationships with unavailable or unsuitable partners or fear of intimacy or closeness. 

  • Working through past or current family patterns/behaviours that were traumatic, abusive, or cut you off from love and made you feel bad about yourself. 

  • Lots of drama or chaos in your life, fights, ‘acting out’, ‘losing it’, arguments or abuse towards or from others. 

  • Healing from a narcissistic or critical parent, or a parent who couldn’t be there for you because they were mentally unwell or had addictions, or who over controlled your life. 

  • Fear of love, sex or inability to sustain or create a long term relationship, or frequent affairs outside of your main relationship. 

  • Feelings of emptiness, depression, numbness, despair or ‘what’s the point’. 

  • Working with resistance and unconscious negative pleasure that keeps you from making changes in your life or having the life you want. 

  • Getting hooked by unhelpful or negative thoughts or critical self talk, shame spirals or mood swings. 

  • Working with Idealised images of self or other, codependency, love ‘addiction’, the pain of unrequited love. 

  • Finding purpose and meaning in your life, working with your higher self wisdom, taking the steps to create the life you want and the person you want to be.  

What is body psychotherapy? 

Body Psychology is a holistic body mind approach built upon disciplines such as psychology, psychoanalysis, characterology, psychodynamics, bio-energetics and the work of Freud, Jung and Reich, as well as the latest techniques of body-orientated trauma resolution and neuroscience. It is also informed by the work of Core Energetics, founded by Dr. John Pierrakos which is based on his work with Alexander Lowen (cofounder of Bioenergetics).

It is based on the evidence that unwanted or unfelt emotions during our life create chronic tension, armouring and defence patterns in both the body and personality. It works to bring consciousness to how we block our energy and recreate defence patterns adapted in childhood that keep us limited and disempowered.  


Why try body psychotherapy? 

  • You may intellectually understand that you have anxiety, depression or trauma, but it will be difficult to work on the issue if you are holding, restricting or moving your body in a way that keeps your pain numbed. Body psychotherapy helps you get out of your head and into your body which can make you feel more ‘real’ or alive and able to make positive changes in your life. 

  • In order to avoid intense emotions, its common for people to numb themselves - with alcohol, drugs, binge-watching or overwork, - suppressing grief, fear or anger. Body psychotherapists work with body-mind to access suppressed feelings and destructive patterns, distorted self-beliefs and unresolved emotional conflicts. Embodiment creates a lasting change in behaviour - there is no constant vigilance to maintain a mask or an act. 

  • Body psychotherapy can increase your tolerance for strong emotions and your capacity for pleasure, supporting you to feel more joy, to change, to grow, to love, to engage more fully in life and to be more energised. 


What is transpersonal counselling? 

Transpersonal therapists use a range of tools to help you explore your inner world, including art and symbol, story and myth, dreams, meditation, rituals, energetics and altered states. The transpersonal approach helps you explore central questions about the meaning of life to help you to navigate your way through your life transitions, emotional crises and other issues. It can help you uncover the different masks you wear in life or the roles you play and how they may help or hinder you from leading an authentic life.


The transpersonal approach is a good choice of therapy for people who have anxiety, depression, or stress, or who are undergoing a change of life circumstance such as coming of age, motherhood, divorce, illness, retirement, loss of job or other life transition, or who are looking for meaning, purpose or direction in their lives. 


What would therapy session at Wild Earth Counselling and Psychotherapy be like?


My approach is holistic, and I take all kinds of factors into account to create an appropriate plan. As each person and situation is unique the content and pace of therapy is always guided by you.


Your body psychotherapy sessions would start with a get to know you discussion and a body reading to find where you are holding tension in your body.  We might start with some simple exercises to connect you to your body and some breathing techniques. This might progress to other specific exercises, such as kicking, hitting into a pillow, using a roller to release tension in your back and shoulders or yoga type poses to increase feeling into parts of your body. We will only do what you feel comfortable with.