Lisa Garnham

I am a body psychotherapist and transpersonal counsellor based in Sydney, Australia. 

I work with people who value personal growth and who are looking for meaning, connection and support in their life. Perhaps you are feeling depressed, trapped, helpless or stuck in a relationship or a situation. Perhaps you are feeling anxious, insecure or overwhelmed or feel your mental health has worsened since the outbreak of COVID-19. Perhaps you are feeling eco-anxiety or ecological grief or feelings of dread over the state of the planet. Perhaps you want to be part of the new generation of people who are enacting positive change in the world. 

If so - I can help you.  


I offer body based therapeutic work - which includes body awareness, movement and conscious breathing with supportive counselling to recalibrate your nervous system, process stressful events and explore your past and present issues and patterns. The dual approach of working through psychological defences and patterns while becoming more embodied creates a profound transformation for my clients: more clarity, purpose and pleasure and a greater capacity for feeling, and for connection to yourself, to others and to the Earth. ​

I'm also passionate about bringing more wildness, nature and beauty into our lives, so check out the latest bush and nature therapy news and mental health tips via my Facebook page Mind Body Wild.​

Training and Qualifications

My qualifications include a three year Diploma of Integrated Somatic Psychotherapy (10372NAT) and a fourth advanced year at the Institute of Body Psychotherapy. I am also a qualified transpersonal counsellor with a two year Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Counselling at the College of Complementary Medicine and a Certificate of Eco-Psychology at the Pacifica Institute. 

I also have a BA (Hons) in English Literature and International Relations (PolSc) from the Australian National University. I've also completed courses in yoga, meditation and Buddhist based mindfulness at Esalen (USA), Rishikesh (India), Dharamsala, (India) and Australia.  

As part of a vibrant therapeutic community, I am committed to my own growth, including individual sessions and supervision with experienced teachers and therapy practitioners and with ongoing studies.  


I am a member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) and the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy (AABAT). 

"Our discontents are often rooted in an unmet longing for wildness, mystery and meaningful engagement with the world..a craving for the untamed terrain of the soul."

-Bill Plotkin



I acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation as the traditional custodians of the land on which I live and work, and pay my respects to their Elders past and present. 

Wild Earth Psychotherapy and Counselling

Wild Earth Psychotherapy and Counselling offers the following services: talk therapy counselling session, 'walk and talk' outdoors talk therapy session, body psychotherapy session, transpersonal counselling session. To make a booking use the contact form below or email lisaagarnham@gmail.com.

Counselling Session
Wild Mind

A counselling session can support you to make the changes you want in your life and provide a safe and non judgemental space to work through your issues, feelings and resistance to change. 

How does it work? 

Our sessions will be a conversation and an exploration where you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your moods, stress, anxiety, depression or other issues that brought you to therapy. This understanding will help you draw some connections and reveal patterns that you may not have seen before. You will learn techniques to self soothe, handle stress, set boundaries with others and learn practical skills to better cope with overwhelming thoughts or feelings.​​


Counselling session, 1 hour - $95 

Body Psychotherapy uses the latest techniques of body orientated trauma resolution and neuroscience to work with the deep seated causes of depression, anxiety, addiction, chronic fatigue, insomnia, relationship problems and some physical illnesses. The foundations of body psychotherapy are based on bioenergetics and the work of Freud, Jung and Reich.

It is based on the concept that life experiences manifest as chronic tension, armouring & defence patterns in both the body and personality and that bringing awareness to these can help you release patterns of behaviour or emotional conflicts which are unresolved and often repressed. 


Body psychotherapy increases capacity for pleasure, supporting you to feel more joy, to change and to engage more fully in life.

How does it work?

As part of your first session we talk about the issue that brought you to therapy and work together on grounding, stretching and breathing exercises to help you feel more connected to your body and increase your capacity for feeling. By working with a set of targeted body techniques you will learn how you inhibit or block the flow of awareness and energy in your body, how you may have limited your breathing, restricted your movements and reduced your self expression - or how you have decreased your aliveness.  You will learn methods of expressing emotions directly, in a safe supportive environment. The analytic part of the therapy will help you understand the why of these unconscious inhibitions in terms of childhood or other experiences. 


​Body psychotherapy session - 1 hour - $95

Wild Body 
 Body Psychotherapy session
Wild Soul
Transpersonal Counselling

If you are interested in exploring central questions about who you are, your life journey, or need guidance navigating your way through a transition or emotional crises, a transpersonal counselling session can help you. Caring for and cultivating our wild soul is not about removing problems but regarding our issues with an open mind: finding messages within our illness or uncomfortable feelings, appreciation of our deviances and eccentricities, recognition of our shadow side - to enrich our lives.  It can also assist you uncover the different masks you wear in life or the roles you play and how they may help or hinder you from leading an authentic life. Some of the of the more positive effects of transpersonal counselling are an improved self image, more tolerance towards others and often a deep sense of connection with other people and nature. 


How does it work? 

Our sessions will be a conversation with a range of interventions to assist you access your own inner guidance and intuition to find meaning in your experience. I am trained to work with you using the following methods to help you explore your inner world, including: 

    •    Mindfulness and meditation 

    •    Dream work 

    •    Creative drawing or writing 

    •    Personal ritual  

    •    Hero and Heroine Journey work

    •    and more.. 


Transpersonal counselling session - 1 hour - $95


Wild Earth Counselling and Psychotherapy 

Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia

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Thankyou for contacting Wild Earth Counselling. I will respond to your email asap. Kind Regards, Lisa Garnham